Scoop--David-"My 18 Love Mistakes"

When it comes to "affairs of the heart," no one is ever perfect. And that also goes for our fav "super-spy," David McCallum. In his 18lovelifetime, David has made some really big bloopers in the romance department! And if you're like us, you're probably "itching" to hear them!

HOW many times have you heard people say, "Love makes the world go 'round!"? Well, it does that, all right! And sometimes it can make the world go 'round so fast, a person can get "dizzy" and make all sorts of mistakes. Even a person like David McCallum.

We managed to wangle a few mistakes (eighteen, to be exact) out of David. Some of his love mistakes were serious, some sort-of silly and harmless. But all of them are sure to tell you something about David you never knew before!

1.) "I once picked a bouquet of flowers from a girl's garden to give to her," said David with a twinkle in his eye. "And her father caught me!"

2.) David once forgot that he'd asked a girl to go to a party with him. Instead he went to the party alone and he didn't realize his mistake until he got there! (She was there, too--alone, and very, very late.)

3.) David's forgotten his anniversary twice in the eight years he and Jill have been married!

4.) "I made a mistake by not proposing to Jill sooner-I waited a whole week before asking her to marry me," said David.

5.) "I made the 'unpardonable error' of accidentally asking two girls out for the same night without realizing it," David confided. "I had to break one date. How was I to know she'd turn up at the same dance I was taking the other girl to?"

6.) David once brought Jill a box of candy for her birthday. But he made the mistake of leaving it where their sons could get at it. When the time came for David to give the candy to Jill - the box was half-empty…and the boys' faces were covered with chocolate!

7.) "Jill was supposed to meet me for lunch one day," David told us. "I thought I saw her standing over in a corner with her back to me. So I snuck up and kissed her on the bak of the neck. She turned around-and it wasn't Jill!"

8.) David confessed, that there's one mistake he feels he makes too frequently. And that's the fact that he doesn't tell Jill often enough how much he loves her and the boys! He's love to tell her ever minute.

9.) "I took a girl to the movies once," recalled David. "And left my seat to go and get some candy. But I couldn't remember where we were sitting, so I couldn't find my way back to her. I had to wait for the intermission, when the lights went back on, to find her again! Boy I'll never forget how mad she was!"

10.) While David was still in his teens, he had an argument with a girl he'd been dating. To try to make up, he brought her ten beautiful long stemmed roses. But as luck would have it, she was allergic to roses…. And began sneezing as soon as she saw them! It certainly didn't make things any easier for David.

11.) David recalls, " I once bought Jill a bracelet for Christmas that came in the same size box as the pipe I'd bought for my brother, Ian. Since Ian doesn't live in the States, I had to mail his gift to him. What a blunder I made, cause when Jill opened her present, she found Ian's pipe. I wonder what Ian must have thought when he found Jill's bracelet.

12.) "When I was in grammar school," David confided, "I had the privilege of taking the most popular girl to the class party. As we were leaving her house, I missed my step and tumbled down the four stairs to the landing! That's what I got for trying too hard to make an impression on a girl."

13.) David confessed, "It was a mistake that I didn't meet Jill when we were even younger. That way I could've loved her that much longer!"

14.) David once dated a girl who liked him very, very much. Although David liked her, too, he felt he wasn't as ready to get serious with her. Instead of telling her how he felt, he kept dating her without mentioning it. He realized his mistake when he saw that she'd already gotten serious-and he had to put a stop to it!

15.) "For publicity purposes a while ago, I was required to take pictures with several beautiful movie.

16.) When David was a young boy, he once brought his little girlfriend an Easter present--a cute, tiny baby duck. On his way to her house, he tripped and fell into a huge mud puddle. When he finally got to her house, both he and the duck were covered from head to foot with gooky mud! That present didn't go over too well!

17.) David, Jill and their three sons once spent one quiet Sunday on a picnic. David decided to pick up some wild flowers for his wife. Jill was thrilled with them and lifted them up to her nose to smell them. And you guessed it--a bee flew out and stung her right on the tip of the nose.

18.) "When Jill and I were first married," recalled David, "I didn't tell her that I sometimes get very moody and like to be by myself. There was one time when Jill really and truly thought that I didn't love her anymore because I wanted to be alone. She started to cry. When I saw her tears, I knew what a mistake I'd made by being moody. It hurt Jill to think that I didn't care. And hurting Jill is the last thing I ever want to do."