TV Off Guard, by Army Archerd  

TV Star Parade, June 1965

We take off our hats to Bob Vaughn and David McCallum.  They've got the courage of their convictions--and that's off screen.  

When we visited with them both at press time in Bob's dressing room on the UNCLE set we became more and more convinced of the brawn, as well as brains, the two of them controlled.  It was the eve of Bob's Hamlet at the famed Pasadena Playhouse; the end of the first year's run of the series, and the start of David's new film  But first things first.

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When Bob went into a scene, David, who had been sitting in the dressing room, and who wasn't in the next shot, stayed behind.  Now this may not seem extraordinary to you--but there are few stars who visit in each other's dressing room on a set--particularly when a reporter is talking to the player.  There's just too much jealousy among players for them to hobnob with each other.  So, no matter how close they are--they maintain distances when reporters are around, giving each freedom to be alone. But these two guys apparently get along so well, they don't object to the other bouncing in and out of each other's room.

As a matter of fact, David was complaining, in front of Bob, to someone referring to him as Bob's "assistant" in the show.  They are both pulling for each other--and the series.  Matter of fact, while most TV actors complain to us about TV and their hopes to do features to get out of the series, David was doing just the opposite.  When Bob returned and David had to go to work, Bob bragged how amazing David was with electronics, etc. We commented he does o.k. on the brainwork too, referring to his preparation for his PhD. at the University of Southern Calif.

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While David was telling us how much he enjoys the series, he also told us his mother's reaction to his career:

"'Why did I give birth to an actor?' she asks me.  'He's either playing a villain, or getting killed, and what happened when you go to America--you play Judas!'" (in The Greatest Story Ever Told).