TV Star Parade, April 1965

What David McCallum Wants From You

David McCallum, the blond, blue-eyed Scot who plays the fearless Russian on NBC's Man From U.N.C.L.E.., is one of Hollywood's finest young actors, a devoted husband (to actress Jill Ireland) and a loving father (sons Paul, Jason and Valentine are 6, 2 and 1).  Though David has been acting since childhood, he has never overcome a natural reserve and shyness -- and this shyness often makes him seem cold or snobbish to those who don't really know him well.  Until recently, few people in the U.S. knew about David -- though he had achieved some stature as a star in England.  But now that his series is one of the big hits of the '64-'65 season, there is a clamor raised from thousands of new fans for information abut David -- and his family.  Not long ago, TV STAR PARADE's Hollywood correspondent lunched with David.  She found him charming, articulate and extremely intelligent.  But she also found David almost painfully shy when it came to revealing information about himself or his family.  The range of topics discussed during the interview covered everything from politics to philosophy -- but very little on David and his personal life.  One incident threw him off his guard, however, when his co-star, Bob Vaughn, dropped by the table for a few minutes.  They exchanged some small talk, and then Bob said, "Hey, you know David, the strippers from the Largo (an L.A. strip joint) called and said our show is their favorite.  They have a TV in their dressing room and arrange their numbers so they can watch.  Isn't that wild?"  Bob asked.  David seemed to have gone into shock, all he could get out was "Good grief!"  And his face registered shocked dislike and horror. Bob decided to continue tormenting David, and went on, "The girls have invited us to come over next Monday night and watch the show in their dressing-room with them.  Are you coming?"

"Oh, I couldn't!  Jill would have a fit," David said, and it was obvious to our reporter that just the thought of being crammed into the dressing room with a covey of busty strippers was enough to throw him into a panic.  The incident also revealed David in the role of husband -- and one who has no intention of displeasing his wife.  But it was one of a very few and far between off-guard moments.  On the whole, David does not like talking about himself -- and tends to doubt that he is interesting enough to inspire other people's curiosity.  We know he's wrong, and that thousands of TV viewers would like to learn more abut this fascinating man.  If you're one of them, and if you have any questions you'd like answered about David, TVSP is offering you the chance to both help David and find out what you want to know.

Here's all you have to do: write your question in to us -- and we'll forward them on to David.  A future issue will contain his answers, and he'll also be assured that he has a fan following interested not only in him as an actor, but as an individual as well.  Send your questions to:

David McCallum
295 Madison Ave.
New York 17, New York

Watch our next issues for the answers.