from fab:

Open Channel 6. H.Q. calling Roy Pockett in Hollywood. Head towards home of Dorothy Porvine and investigate reactions to filming with Vaughn and McCallum. Over and out.

It was easy to find Dorothy Provine's house in Beverly Hills. FAB H.Q. had given me such simple instructions. I zoomed up the driveway, watching for enemy agents from rival mags. The beautiful house, neat and modern, was silent and watchful in the Californian sunshine.

Cautiously, I crept round the back, my notebook ready, and there by the blue-green swimming pool was a girl, blonde, beautiful, about 5' 4" and stacked. When she came forward and offered me three fingers of orange juice I knew it was Miss Provine herself.

"I'm here," I told her rapidly, "to ask you about filming One Spy Too Many with Vaughn and McCallum. FAB, back in London, wans to know if you liked working with them.

She gave me a long, cool look.

"I loved it. They're two great guys. It was a very exciting time," she said. "Dangerous, of course. But worth it."

"What do you remember most?"

"That was the sequence where David and I were hanging by ropes over a big hole."

"Tell me more," I probed.

"Well, although this scene only lasts a few minutes on the screen, we were actually hanging for days. It was very uncomfortable."

"So you were glad when the shooting was over," I said tersely.

"Oh no, I enjoyed it all except for that one piece."

"Did Robert and David get up to any practical jokes?"

"It was such a tight schedule, there was no time to fool around, but they were always making everyone laugh. Some people say David is shy, but he's full of pep and has a fantastic sense of humor."

"Did you meet his family?"

"Yes, his wife and children came to the set once or twice. I loved them."

"How much time did you spend with Solo and Illya off the set?"

"Very little. As soon as they got a break from filming, there were always dozens of people milling around wanting them to sign this, look at that, listen to this idea, arrange appointments and pose for pictures. They also had to learn their lines for the next shot."

"Do you have anything else to say about Illya and Solo?"

"I think they both deserve their success and it hasn't spoiled them at all."

"There must be something else you remember, something that happened. Try to think."

"There was a little girl on the set one day with her mother. We were held up while something was being fixed. David went over to the little girl who said to him, 'I know who you are.' David smiled encouragingly, so she went on, 'You're the man from Uncle---Dr. Kildare'."

"Everyone was very amused, David included."

As I drove back to my own pad, I took out my transmitter. Roy Pockett...calling H.Q. from Hollywood. Mission completed. Report follows...