Movie Life

At a press conference the morning after his arrival, David appeared with brunette in hand.  He identified her as Katherine Carpenter, a 22-year-old model who lives in New York.  In explanation of Miss Carpenter's presence, David told the large gathering of reporters, "I've made many trips alone, but to have someone come here and share this wonderful experienced was my idea and her idea, too."

When the interpreter hesitated to translate a question, David smiled good naturedly and said, "All right, let's have it."  The question concerned his impending divorce; he answered swiftly and candidly: "The divorce will be completed next August."  But what about Kathy?

It was later learned that David, who maintains an apartment in New York as well as Hollywood, had rejected MGM's suggestion that Kathy be listed as "secretary" for the trip.  He refused to be devious about their relationship.  And, it was disclosed, he was refraining from identifying Kathy Carpenter as his fiancée only because his divorce is not yet final under California law.

Kathy has been David's frequent companion since the announcement of his separation last summer.  However, not too many people figured her for the second Mrs. McCallum.  Until this p.a., Kathy was just a girl in David's life.  Now she's the girl.