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Movie Character Comment
Cherry (1999) Mammy David plays the twinkly gay uncle of Shalom Harlow.  He's World's Best Mom.
Coming Home (1998) (TV) Billy Fawcett Another dirty old man in a drippy romantic novel.
March in Windy City (1998) (TV) Dan Peterson David's back to playing a Russian, this time a bad guy.  Disappointing.
"VR.5" (1995) TV Series Doctor Joseph Bloom A great return to sci-fi, he's Lori Singer's mixed-up Dad.  Watch David pretend to drown!
Healer (1994) The Jackal Based on the true story of two paramedics in a retirement town, David plays the unusual role of a conman.
Dirty Weekend (1993) Reggie Mudd This dentist wants his vigilante patient to snack on something sweet, then gets his lights turned out.
Hear My Song (1991) Detective Jim Abbott A nice performance in a thoroughly enjoyable Irish film, his character goes comically  nuts at the end.
"Trainer (1991) John Grey I like the way this fan put it: "quiet, morally ambiguous, a successful gambler with a perfect poker face, but capably seductive. "
"Lucky/Chances" (1990) (mini) Bernard Dimes Don't waste your time.
Haunting of Morella, The (1990) Gideon A Roger Corman film that is bizarro and cruddy camp.  David's got a beard and a scruffy look to go with his haggard character.
"Mother Love" (1989) (mini) Alex Vesey Wonderful series.  Highlights:  David conducts an orchestra, plays the piano, gets weepy, and looks remarkably like Illya during the flashback sequence.
Freedom Fighter (1988) (TV)   Dopey WWII film with Tony Danza.  David looks a bit under the weather here.
"Man Who Lived at the Ritz, The" (1988) (mini) Charlie Ritz A tiny but crystalline performance as a child in a rich man's body.
Wind, The (1987)  John Worth it only to watch David dive into a swimming pool.  Go to sleep after that.
Terminal Choice (1985) Dr. Giles Dodson Terminally stupid.  His hair looks nice.
Behind Enemy Lines (1985) (TV) Shelley Flynn I wish we could have seen more of Flynn, he might have developed into an interesting character.  The rest of this move was overbearing.
Corvini Inheritance, The (1984) (TV) Frank Lane Very neat little thriller, in which David plays a stalker with a camera fetish who craves some cursed jewels.
Return of the Man from U.N.C.L.E., The (1983) (TV) Illya Kuryakin "It IS you!"  We all might have muttered the same line.  David looks as if 15 years never passed.  Movie was second rate, but IK never is.
"As the World Turns" (1983)TV Series Maurice Vermeil Sleazeball Maurice has some twisted ideas about fun on a cruise ship.  
Watcher in the Woods, The (1980) Paul Curtis Where did Dad disappear to?
Sapphire and Steel" (1979)TV Series Steel Quirky and endearingly low-budget, Steel is a natural fit for David.  
"Kidnapped" (1978) (mini) Alan Breck Stewart Lush production with David in kilt and long ponytail.  He buckles some swash and shows off his natural Scots burr.
Dogs, The (1978)  Harlan Thompson Grouchy pack poodles give bearded and hairy David grief.  Check out the grungy  garb.
King Solomon's Treasure (1977) Sir Henry Curtis Take some quicksand, add blue screen dinosaurs, Styrofoam boulders and a camera jiggling earthquake, drop them in Swaziland and poof!  Instant B-movie.  David affects a stutter for some reason, but the beautiful queen still falls for him.  I understand completely.
"Invisible Man, The" (1975) Dr. Daniel Westin Ultra 70's in clothing, attitude, and funky chroma-key effects, David looks a bit embarrassed about the whole mess.
Kingfisher Caper, The (1975)   David is thoroughly depraved and evil despite his quite handsome look.  Boring movie about diamonds and rich people, although the ending has its moments of excitement.
"Colditz" (1972) TV Series Flt. Lt. Simon Carter Gritty, semi-realistic episodes highlight a terrific ensemble cast. Lt. Carter is part frustration, part loneliness, and part team worker.  An excellent characterization.  I like the little moustache, too.
She Waits (1971) (TV) Mark Wilson One fan's comment: "A newly-wed (played by Patty Duke) is terrorized by the vengeful spirit of her husband's deceased first wife. ...The script is somewhat predictable, but the film is enjoyable."
Hauser's Memory (1970) (TV) Hillel Mondoro Intense performance in an interesting film that doesn't quite live up to expectations.
Mosquito Squadron (1969) Quint WWII flyboy, David actually got to taxi a plane down a runway in this otherwise average outing.
Teacher, Teacher (1969) (TV) Hamilton Cade A touching and intelligent Hallmark production.  David is hard edged and complex as the bitter, tightly wound teacher for a retarded boy, the ying to Ossie Davis' yang.
The Ravine(1969)   A classic fan favorite.  David finally gets to bed with a woman and looks gorgeous.  Fabulous cinematography, directed by the esteemed Paolo Cavara.
Sol Madrid (1968) Sol Madrid Mr. Tough Guy, no heart of gold. Mediocre acting and trashy violence, but David looks nicely tanned under the Mexican sun.
Three Bites of the Apple (1967) Stanley Thrumm Delightful and warm hearted turn by David as comic romantic hero.  Beautiful Italian scenery.
Around the World Under the Sea (1966) Dr. Phil Volker Goofy Ivan Tors production features David in scuba suit, sometimes cheating at chess, and being a general untrustworthy pain in the neck.  
Greatest Story Ever Told, The (1965) Judas Iscariot Three cheers for Judas!  Broody, melancholy, adorable.  Movie is too long.
"Man from U.N.C.L.E., The" (1964) TV Series Illya Kuryakin David becomes a super-nova and an integral part of Sixties memorabilia.  Illya continues to follow him around.
Great Escape, The (1963) Ashley-Pitt "Dispersal" Ashley-Pitt is smart and sweet and David gets to pal around with lots of big name stars in a much loved movie classic.
Freud (1962) Carl von Schlossen David gets to act with Montgomery Clift as the embodiment of Freud's Oedipal complex.
Billy Budd (1962) Lieutenant Wyatt A jump to the big time in a Peter Ustinov vehicle, based on Melville's novel. Small but pivotal role as the officer who casts the deciding vote against Billy, despite his conscience.  An excellent film all around.
Jungle Street (1961) Terry Collins B-movie most notable for the first appearance of the Illya Kuryakin hair cut.  Jill's a good girl gone bad and David is a petty crook who loves her in his own twisted way. 
Long and the Short and the Tall, The (1960) Private Whitaker Wormy radio operator Sammy Whitaker gets bullied by his army mates as well as the Japs.
Night to Remember, A (1958) Harold S. McBride Another small but classy bit.  David wears pajamas and looks thoughtful as he hears the Titanic thud into an iceberg.
Violent Playground (1958) Johnny Murphy David gets to carry the film. He's a juvenile delinquent of the first order, an arsonist and murderer, too.  He holds school children hostage with a big rifle, and yet - you've gotta love the guy. Not much of a dancer.
Robbery Under Arms (1957) Jim I've got a huge soft spot for this film - I love the endless, wide Australian vistas, and the film matches it in thematic scope.  David looks achingly underfed and irresistible as a tragically crooked young cowboy.  He marries Jill Ireland on film and in real life.
Hell Drivers (1957) Jimmy Very small part, he's on crutches in this one.  Patrick McGoohan and Sean Connery appear.
Secret Place, The (1957) Mike Wilson Smashing debut - punky bad boy David steals the movie.