From The Flip Side playbill (October 1968):
Who's Who in the Cast
David McCallum (Julian, A Successful Young Publisher)
DAVID MCCALLUM was born in Scotland in September, immensely enthusiastic about life and rarely seen about without his wife, Katherine...believes that living is sharing and a man is the sum of his experience...first acted with the British Broadcasting Corporation in 1947...tries to be always aware of what is happening in the world...went to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in 1949...wishes that he could do more to help and give comfort...was a stage manager and propman for many years as well as an constantly deliberating and consequently changing his values...directed plays in the army in Africa in 1952 and 1953...holds that a person should have the right not to believe as much as to believe...appeared in many British television and film roles before coming to America in 1962 to play Judas in The Greatest Story Ever Told...finds four at dinner ideal...enjoys skating with his children, skiing with his wife...indulges himself in fine wines and is a gourmet cook...thoroughly enjoyed his role as Illya in The Man From UNCLE...prays that he may remain in good health so that he can continue to work and enjoy life to the full.