by Vernon Scott
HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - David McCallum will be seen and sometimes not be seen this year in the title role of the new "Invisible Man" series.

David, of course, is best remembered as Illya Kuryakin, the Russian spy in the long-running "Man From U.N.C.L.E." series. Scottish by heredity, a British citizen and a New Yorker by choice, McCallum is searching temporary house near the beach in Southern California for the run of his new NBC show.

He rues living in Los Angeles except that it allows him to see his three sons by his marriage to actress Jill Ireland who is now the wife of actor Charles Bronson. Their sons are Paul, 18, Jason, 13, and Val, 12.

David has been married to his present wife Katherine, for eight years. They are the parents of Peter, 5 and Sophie, who is not quite a year old.

The older boys are delighted with their two younger siblings which of course, pleases David and Katherine tremendously.

While David is working at Universal Studios in the series Katherine is back in New York where she is a professional decorator and where Peter attends school.

The arrangement makes a commuting bachelor of David who tries to fly to Manhattan every other weekend to be with his family. He also likes to get away from the furnished house he is renting.

Back in New York Katherine enjoys redecorating their roomy apartment on the slightest pretext. She is an accomplished painter and a whiz at collages which dazzle the visitor at every turn.

But in the kitchen, David is king. He does all the family cooking, including special dinners for guests. He is much mor than a steak and salad chef. David has mastered scores of international dishes, among them French, German, Italian, Indian and Moroccan recipes. His most exotic is a Pakistan curry specialty. Unhappily, he has never attempted haggis, Scotland's most celebrated dish and one which he relishes. David has no plans for making a permanent home in California, even if "The Invisible Man" is a raging hit.

Invisibility can be an asset or threat to research scientist Daniel Westin in The Invisible Man seen on Tuesdays, Channel 5, 7:30 pm. Research in molecular reduction and transformation, stemming from laser experiments at Klea Corporation, lead Dr. Westin, protrayed by David McCallum, to an accidental discovery: objects can become invisible: He chooses himself a guinea pig to find out if this process would work on living oganisims. His experiment is successful, but contains one major flaw: the invisibility is not stable. visibility can and does occur at any time, without advance warning. Full of crusading ideals, Dr. Westin tells Klea Corp. of his experiments and asks that his find be used to benefit manfind. Unfortunately, the directors of the Corp. offer Westin's discovery for military use. Dr. Westin is trapped. He distroys his lab and becomes a man on the run. Sould he continue to hide - putting his live and that of his wife, Kate, in jeopardy? If he returns to the Klea Corporation, he knows his work will be used for purposes he cannot condone. If he continues to run, he is a target for those seeking power through the misuse of his discovery. The Invisible Man is a tense, fast-moving drama with outstanding technical effects.

To ensure David McCallum is not seen, a special process which screens out everything blue is used. McCallum plays his invisible scenes against a blue backdrop, his body cloaked in blue from head to toe. Another set of normal color is filmed then the two scenes are superimposed creating an amazing special effect. Objects held by the unseen McCallum appear to float in space.