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The Motion Picture Costumers staged their 10th annual Adam ‘n Eve Awards at the Beverly Hilton, dangling two choice bits of bait to attract press attention and an audience—JULIE ANDREWS and DAVID MCCALLUM. But Julie was still in Hawaii finishing the picture of that name, so McCallum, attending with most attractive wife JILL IRELAND, lionized all of the spotlight. As a matter of fact, photogs surrounded his table so completely, they were finally begged to call a halt to their flashing, though McCallum himself took it all in good stride. Shy, and seemingly introverted, McCallum has refused to let his private life be photographed, so on the few occasions he appears in public, the working press naturally mobs him. David is humble and cooperative and the fact the refuses home layouts should not sour the Hollywood press on him.

As guests were parking their cars in the lot across the street from the Other Place (the site of the aforementioned Gary Lewis blowout), they did a double take when they walked by a seemingly empty real estate office. What they saw was a scene of family togetherness to warm the cockles of any heart. Inside were JILL and DAVID MCCALLUM, all togged out in painters’ coveralls, dabbing away at the walls. (What David was doing in this office, we don’t know.) Even the McCallum boys, whom David manages to keep out of camera range, were on hand. David will never know how many photographers turned down lucrative bribes to scram the Lewis party long enough to catch a sneak shot of David and Jill’s boys.


Advice to weak-hearted femmes: Don’t ask to see DAVID McCALLUM if he’s working on MGM’s back lot. David’s boy PAUL is an avid collector of lizards and snakes and when U.N.C.L.E. shoots out of doors, David runs around poking for and…ugh…finding lizards. He carts along a half gallon pickle jar to keep them in until he can get them home to Paul. We had the misfortune to be with David when he found a little lizard and made the mistake of picking it up by the tail. He ended up holding just the tail while the rest of the lizard wiggled away. There’s one little pet, Paul’s still looking for: a horned toad. Anyone?