From The New York Post, 8/21/98

Door-To-Door Communication: Now at the Variety Arts Theatre, Alan Ayckbourn's intriguing and intricate comedy thriller "Communicating Doors" may seem to some a weird mixture of Hitchcock, Ayckbourn himself (who has always been a trickster with time, place and space), and dear old J.B. Priestley, whose dramatic time machines delighted the theatrical '30s. But Ayckbourn knows what he is doing in this fascinating play set in the same hotel room in 1978, 1998 and 2018. Its time-travelling heroines are called Poopay (Mary-Louise Parker) and Ruella (Patricia Hodges). The play, which probably out-tricks any earlier bag of Ayckbourn's masterly trickery, was, I thought, a delight in London's West End three seasons back, where it starred one of Ayckbourn's favorite actresses, the fabulous Julia Mckenzie. And now, directed by Christopher Ashley and with a cast that also stars David McCallum, "Communicating Doors" has finally communicated with New York. The scenery is by that surprise-meister David Gallo and the costumes are by Jess Goldstein.