Carole Shelley, who has a phobia about birds, doesn't really expect the management at the Westport Country Playhouse to ban all air traffic while she appears in "Not for Keeps". But she hopes that no feathered friend will fly onstage during the performance--which once happened at the Cape Playhouse, sending Miss Shelley screaming into the wings and her co-star, David McCallum, flapping around the stage trying to catch the bewildered bird.

PRAISE FOR A SEASON IN HELL BY JACK HIGGINS; READ BY DAVID MCCALLUM "David McCallum weaves his way skillfully through this intricate maze, able to slip with ease into the rogue accents of the French underground or the British aristocracy." --Publishers Weekly, February 3, 1989

Do you have natural blond hair? Are you going to sing on HULLABALOO? I would like to know if your wife was born in England. I've heard that UNCLE will be in color this fall. Is this true?
Debbie Taylor
Nelsonville, Ohio

ANSWER: Yes, my hair is natural blond and this gives me an opportunity to say that I've worn my hair in this style most of my life, long before the Beatles. What I'm going to do on HULLABALOO and later on THE ANDY WILLIAMS SHOW is a secret, a super secret. I'll tell you this much- I'm not dancing and I'm not singing. Jill was born in England; I was born in Glasgow, Scotland. It's true; the show UNCLE starts the season in September in full color.

Q: I read in a magazine that your wife cuts your hair. Is this true? What kind of dog do you have?

A: Jill does NOT CUT MY HAIR. She has other talents, however. Did you know she's a beautiful portrait painter? My family and I have a basset hound whom we call Gregory.

Q: Do you play an instrument? Do you care for baseball?
Judy Riman
Warminster, Pennsylvania

A: I grew up on the oboe. Baseball? I love it; I'm the No. 1 Dodger fan, go to games every chance I get. And I'm trying to get Jill interested. One of these days she says she'll go.

Q: What is your main reason for not allowing pictures of your children to be printed? Do you thing MAN FROM UNCLE should be changed to this fall's Friday night lineup? I'm an avid fan of yours and I'm not allowed to stay up that late.
Lana Minella
La Mesa, California

A: My private life behind the doors of my home is my own refuge. My wife, my children, my house and my dog are part of my private life and inside that house is my kingdom. I'll give myself to my fans as long as I'm outside that house, outside of my private kingdom. We are not sure if children will be allowed to stay up on Friday nights to see the show. This time slot was the decision of the network, against the advice and wishes of everybody else concerned.

Q: Are you happily married? Do you like being in a movie without your wife? Why did they give you the name of "Illya Kuryakin" instead of another name?
Edith Earline Williams
Elizabethtown, Kentucky

A: Yes--I'm a very happily married man. I have a wonderful wife, three wonderful children, I live in a lovely home and, in addition all this, I'm doing what I want to do in life: act. I like being in movies--either with or without my wife. Look for AROUND THE WORLD UNDER THE SEA in which I play an extension of "Illya." Sam Rolfe, who created UNCLE created the personalities as well, of course, and gave them names which he felt matched the personalities.


Q: I would like to know--do any of your three children look a lot like you? At your house do you have a built-in swimming pool?
Barb Abrahams
Minneapolis, MN

A: David and I have been told a number of time--and we share this opinion, too--that all three of our boys look like both of us. We have no swimming pool now and plan to hold off getting one for a while longer inasmuch as we feel our boys are too young and a pool would be a great danger to them.

Q: Do you smoke? How did you meet David? What do you think of working with your husband?
Harriet Houck
Humboldt, IA

A: Neither David nor I smoke. I was to star in a pictures as David's wife and soon discovered he'd had a crush on me for the whole year before--so much so that he carried my picture. Seven days after the start of that picture, ROBBERY UNDER ARMS, we were married. I love working on the show with David and Bob Vaughn. However, I do have own career and won't appear on UNCLE very often.