A Fiendishly Difficult David McCallum Fan Quiz

thanks to Karen and Theresa!

  1. What is David McCallum's middle name?
  2. What is David McCallum's mother's name?
  3. Name the movies that David and his first wife Jill starred in together?
  4. How many children did David have with Jill?
  5. Name David's children from his first and second marriage.
  6. In the movie Mother Love, what is the name of the character he played?
  7. Name the costar actress who played in Mother Love as David's jealous, bitter first wife?
  8. How many episodes did David star in The Outer Limits, and what were the titles?
  9. Name the episodes that Jill Ireland played in UNCLE with David.
  10. What is Illya's middle name?
  11. True or False - David and Joanna Lumley fought all the time during Sapphire and Steel?
  12. What were Steel's special powers?
  13. In the Invisible Man, name David's character and what was his occupation?
  14. Name the episodes of UNCLE that were turned into movies, and the movie titles.
  15. In the Invisible Man pilot, who played the role of Walter Carlson?
  16. Who created Dumaplex so David's character could be seen and therefore protecting his secret?
  17. How many Ancient Prophecies were made with David hosting?
  18. Which of the following actors did NOT work with David in UNCLE? Vincent Price, Ricardo Montalban, Adam West, Jack Lord?
  19. In what episode did Illya try to kill Napoleon after being brainwashed by Thrush?
  20. Where did David meet his second wife Katherine?
  21. In what plays did David play an emperor?
  22. What was David's obligation in Teacher, Teacher?
  23. What department store was overrun by fans when David was supposed to make a scheduled appearance?
  24. Name the church that David and Katherine were married in.
  25. What was the name of his character in The Heroin Gang?
  26. Which UNCLE episode contained this quote: "Everything I want I have."?
  27. Name the UNCLE episode: "I burst into flames with very little encouragement."
  28. What movie starred David as a tough cop and costarred Stella Stevens, Telly Savalas, and Ricardo Montalban?
  29. What was Katherine McCallum's occupation when she and David first met?
  30. What is her occupation now?
  31. In which UNCLE episode did David disguise himself as the Abominable Snowman?
  32. In the Invisible Man, what corporation did David's character work for?
  33. Name David's costar in Sapphire and Steel.
  34. In what short-lived tv series did David play an internationally famous jewel thief working with other criminals now employed by the government?
  35. Name the movie that had David as a scientist working for a school were animals were going insane and killing their owners.
  36. In what movie did David star in the role of Alan Breck?
  37. Name the tv series that had David as Illya (beside UNCLE)? He even got a chance to sing!
  38. Which actors have NOT worked with David? Jackie Cooper - Sonny Bono - Leonard Nimoy - John Colicos - Harrison Ford - Don Johnson - Tom Cruise - Eric Braden
  39. What is David's brother's name?
  40. What is David's heritage? English - Scottish - Russian
  41. What movie did David appear in, and many years later did a five volume narration about the sinking of this famous ship?
  42. T or F? David is now on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
  43. T or F? Ian Fleming is credited with creating UNCLE?
  44. T or F? David was originally selected to be the host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
  45. What part of his life does David keep away from fans?
  46. What is Illya's occupation in The Return of the Man From UNCLE?
  47. T or F? In The Return of the Man From UNCLE, Leo G Carroll was replaced by Patrick Macnee as Alexander Waverly?
  48. T or F? David is allergic to flowers.
  49. Name the play David was featured in that had The Big Head sold on Ebay?
  50. Name the movie that had David playing a gay man who said "Kiss me, darling!"

Good luck! Click here for answers.